03/2020 - 07/2020

My last performances in Paris (Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain) and Lipica Studfarm (Slovenia) are already quite a while ago. All shows, performances and competitions got cancelled...

Two awards for Tjaša Dobravec at Cirque de Demain in Paris


Areal artist and poledancer Tjaša Dobravec has won two awards at the prestigious Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris. This circus competition is known in the whole world as 'the Olympic Games of modern Circus Art'. With her contemporary act on aerial spiral she conquered the hearts of the national circus school of China and also won the award given by the circus school of Bretagne (France).


Next weekend Tjaša will perform at Lipica studfarm in Slovenia. You can still buy tickets for this amazing spectacle that takes place on Saturday 8 of February at 15:00.

Magical performance at Gala of the Sports man & woman of the year


On 17 of DecemberTjaša  had the honnor to open the award ceremony for the Sports man & woman of the year in Slovenia. Tjaša Dobravec performed on aerial spiral. The amazing violinist Masa Golob and the band Bassless gave the crowd some great live music. You can watch the video here.

Bronze medal at Dubai Pole Cup


After a long trip from Slovenia to the United Arab Emirates, Tjaša Dobravec managed to finish third at the Dubai Pole Cup, held in the World Trade Center.

After her victory in her debute competition in the Elite category in Israel, she also fought her way to the podium in Dubai. "I can honestly say that 1h before I wanted to quit. I didn't feel strong enough to do my sad act in this festival with all this different and loud music around the stage and people around that didn't know what they were watching. But I decided to do it for my sister. I switched the light around me like she did and went into my story. I tried my best", is the first reaction of the Slovene poledancer after the podium ceremony in Dubai. "The level was really high in this competition and I'm proud and happy with my result. My only goal was actually to honor my sister Tiana with this performance", continues professional poledancer Tjaša Dobravec. The gold went to China and Russia took silver.

Workshop with Tjaša Dobravec in Ajdovščina

@Sport Pole Dance Ajdovščina

Vipavska 4j, 5270 Ajdovščina

Saturday 30 of November

V čast nam je, da bomo v studiu gostili zmagovalko oddaje Slovenija ima talent, ki bo 30. novembra izvedla delavnice za otroke in odrasle.

14:00 - Pole FLOW - OTROCI (BASIC)
Skozi vodeno improvizacijo bomo raziskovali gib posameznika in ga povezali v tekoč flow.
Stopnja: BASIC STOPNJA (začetniki) - otroci, ki se še niso obrnili na glavo na vadbi
Trajanje. 75 min

15:30 - Pole FLOW - OTROCI (INT/ADV)
Skozi vodeno improvizacijo bomo raziskovali gib posameznika in ga povezali v tekoč flow.
Stopnja: INT/ADV stopnja - otroci, ki na vadbah že izvajajo elemente na glavo.
Trajanje: 75 min

Skozi vodeno improvizacijo bomo raziskovali gib posameznika in ga povezali v tekoč flow.
Stopnja: BASIC, INT, ADV stopnja
Trajanje: 75 min

Cena delavnice:
otroci: 25 eur / osebo
odrasli: 30 eur / osebo
Po poslani prijavi, boste prejeli e-mail z navodili za plačilo. Prijava je dokončna, ko je delavnica tudi plačana, najkasneje do torka 26. november 2019.

Ostale informacije:
Odjave sprejemamo do 26. novembra, po tem datumu zadržimo 60 % vrednosti vplačanega zneska.
Vsak udeleženec se delavnice udeleži na lastno odgovornost.


Workshop with Tjaša Dobravec in Kranj

@Pole dance studio M Kranj

Kolodvorska cesta 2, 4000 Kranj

Saturday 23 of November

Pole flow - choreo (adults) 10:00 -11:00
Drop'n pole (adults) 11:15 -12:45 

Pole for kids 13:00 - 14:30

register via


Kids 25 euro/workshop

Adults: 30 euro/workshop


Pro & Overall Winner of Pole Theme Israel 2019


After winning Pole Art Croatia in SEMIPRO in 2018, Tjaša participated on 19 of October on her very first competition in ELITE category. At the Israel Pole Theme Tjaša competed agains some of the best poledancers in the world from Russia, Ukraine and Israel.

The past months she worked incredibly hard to progress and demonstrated her improvements on Pole Theme Israel, where the main theme this year was 'future'. With her performance she left the judges and competitors speechless in Tel Aviv. With an incredible maximum score she won the PROFESSIONAL competition and was also the OVERALL winner. 

Qualification for Dubai Pole Cup 



After auditioning Tjaša got accepted for Dubai Pole Cup. The Dubai Pole Cup is the first ever pole dance competition hosted in the Middle East and made possible by a passionate team of polers and independent sponsors.
The competition takes place at the Dubai World Trade Centre and this December will be its 3rd year. Let's enjoy this international experience and try to learn as much as possible!


Victory at Pole Battle Competition in Croatia


During an amazing time at Croatia Pole Camp Tjaša decided last minute to participate at the 'One on One Pole Battle competition' in Pula. In 50 second battles against poledancers from all over the world every participant had to show her best tricks and performance on an unknown music. After 6 won battles Tjaša managed to win this great competition, which was a very useful training of improvisation. 

Qualification for Pole Theme Israel


After auditioning Tjaša got accepted for Pole Theme Israel. In Tel Aviv she will compete on 19 of October against some of the best poledancers in the world for the very first time in the Elite/Professional division. Let's enjoy this international experience and try to learn as much as possible!

Boat performance on Bohinj Night


"It meant so much for me to be the surpise act of the 2019 Bohinj Night. It was amazing to perform on a boat in the middle of the Bohinj Lake. This is were I grew up, all my family and friens were here, but also thousands of other spectators. I enjoyed it from the first until the last second! It was pure magic under the starry sky and in the shadow of the Slovene Alps!"

Workshops: start registrations 


❗3,2,1... Registrations for my workshops are now open❗
1.) POLE FLOW (starters-intermediate) 18h00-19h30 🌟 
2.) DROP'N POLE (advanced-elite) 19h45-21h15🎇

40€/workshop, 70€ for 2 workshops

📧REGISTER: e-mail your name, date of birth and workshop 1 and/or 2 to

Poledancerka Photoshoot


At the magnificent lake of Bohinj Tjaša will be modeling for Poledancerka pole wear. The clothes of Poledancerka are everything what you need as a pole dancer or aerial artist. Tjaša and Poledancerka both strive for excellence and that's where ther find eachother. Discover the amazing collection of Poledancerka here.   

10 days of intensive training at circus school Torino


In June Tjaša travelled to Torino, North-Italy, to train 10 days with Samuel De Oliveira (Brazil), one of the best Chinese pole artists in the world and an incredible teacher. At FLIC Scuola di Circo Torino Tjaša learned a lot of new things thanks to the great hospitality of the people in this world famous circus school. Learning is a lifelong process!

Dunking Devils Adrenaline Spectacle at Hala Tivoli


"Hello people! It has been an amazing week!😍As individual performer you need to motivate yourself alone, push yourself to the limits and beyond, go alone through the inner frustrations... But this week was different, and for me a total new experience. I performed with a group of people who are not only beautiful humans, but also amazing acrobats, artists and dancers. All I can say is: THANK YOU🙏 Dunking Devils, Led Motion, The Artifex crew, Flipping Art, Duo Kamikazete, Travelers Duo and DA MOVE for accepting me and Maša Golob in your team. Thank you for sharing your amazing energy with us. We felt a part of the family. 😊 Thanks also to the whole crowd (8.000 people🤩) that was breathing, screaming and crying with us 🙏 Now I'm a bit sad because the show is over, but I'm sure the universe will connect us soon again 🌏🚀☄"
Kind regards,


To celebrate the 10 years of the incredible Dunking Devils Tjaša will perform as a guest artist in the three shows of the amazing Adrenaline Spectacle of Dunking Devils in the big Hala Tivoli in Ljubljana in front of a crowd of 8.000 people.


Together with one of the best violinists of Europe Maša Golob, Tjaša will perform on the aerial spiral.



"Creating magic by connecting arts"
🌟After several tryouts and a lot of practicing we are proud to offer you from now on our performance together.
✨Add some magic to your event with top violinist Maša Golob and top aerial artist Tjaša Dobravec.

 EMA Eurovision qualifying show - live act


In february Tjaša participated in an incredible live act at the EMA Eurovision qualifying show for Slovenia with 2018 winner Lea Sirk.



Cover & interview 


Tjaša was selected for the award of best dancer of Slovenia in 2018.


Opening of her own art & dance studio D'plac! 🍾

"I began to train because I felt that I could not stay quiet anymore and that I had to express myself. My had a lot of health problems, and then I felt like I was stuck. On the hardest moments, I used to close myself in the room and just danced for hours. Dance was the best therapy for me. (...) I tell people not to give up trying, to fight for their dreams and to keep moving forward."


"In the last semi-final of the show Slovenia's Got Talent, the ticket for the finals was given to Tjaša Dobravec. She says she closed the chapter of eating disorder with her semi-final winning performance. Today she became the winner of the seventh season of the show Slovenija Ima Talent! What an example for all of us!"

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