Tjaša Dobravec

“Hardest story I ever expressed, but it was the right thing to do”

Tjasa, two competitions as a Pro and two podiums. What a debute! Can you believe it yourself?
TD: “Yes, I was working really hard to achieve this level. I am already looking forward to other competitions. It is amazing to change a dream into a goal and to achieve it then with hard work.”

In Dubai there were some world class competitors from China, the USA etc, are you afraid before a competition when you see such strong competitors showing up?
TD: “I was indeed a bit afraid, but on the other hand I was proud to be part of this competition. Seeing these good athletes inspires me to reach higher and higher.”

In Dubai you chose as topic of your performance for a more personal story. Your choreo was about the battle for life. How hard was it for you to perform this?
TD: “This was the hardest story to express that I ever did in my life. But I knew this was the only thing I could think about right now. When I perform I express what happens inside of me and I don’t just do an act that I don’t feel.”

You combine competing in pole art with giving workshops and performing on the biggest events on pole, flypole and aerial spiral. Is this an easy combination?
TD: “No, it asks a lot of time management and a very good planning. Focusing on three totally different performances is really hard for a body because they all require a different approach. For example when I am preparing a pole competition, my muscles are really tensed and ready to do explosive movements, a week after I need to prepare my body to be soft and long flexible on aerial spiral. That’s always a challenge! But thanks to my physio Ana Valant who relaxes my muscles, I can handle this crazy combination.”

Competing on world level is not cheap I can imagine. Which sponsors are already helping you and what do companies need to do if they also believe in you and want to help you?
TD: “Well mostly we finance the whole trip to the competition ourselves, which takes indeed a big part of our savings. For Dubai we were really lucky to get some support from the great people of Turizem Bohinj and the municipality of Bohinj. I am also incredibly thankful for the unconditional support of the polewear brand Poledancerka. Aleksandra (CEO) believed in me from day 1 and makes sure that I have the best costume for every competition or performance. It is also great to feel the honnest support of a big company like, they not only provide me with the best sports nutrition on the market, but they also motivate me in every challenge.”
“People who believe in sports, hardwork and dedication and want to sponsor me, should definetely contact me. They can just send me a message on social media or e-mail me on”

What is the next big challenge you are preparing for?
TD: “I am preparing for Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris. I will perform there on aerial spiral in February. I feel really honored to have been selected for this festival, which is also a competition. This is the biggest circus festival in the world. Hundred artists from twenty different countries will perform and try to win this competition. I will try to defend Slovenia with an amazing performance!”

Tjaša Dobravec is on her way to put Slovenia on the map in artistic poledance. With gold in Israel and bronze in the United Arab Emirates in her first two competitions as an Elite, she immediately showed she can compete with the best in the world. We talked with Tjasa immediately after she came back from warm Dubai and had to get used to the Slovene cold again.