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Last Updated on 11/11/2020


Normal stage pole:

We need at least a radius of 2m around the pole. The height of the pole is 3.8m.


We need at least a radius of 4m around the flypole.

The height of the ceiling needs to be at least 5m. There needs to be any kind of construction to attach the flypole safely at the ceiling.

Aerial spiral:

– We need at least a radius of 2m around the aerial spiral, but this depends on the choreo.

– The height of the ceiling needs to be at least 5m.

– There needs to be any kind of construction to attach the aerial spiral safely at the ceiling. An electric apparatus to lift the spiral is welcome to change heights.

– The weight of the aerial spiral is 33 kg.

– The size of the aerial spiral is 335cm on 150cm.

– We take our own rigging set.

For Europe: transport possible with van.

Excess Baggage / Freight:
Shipping of aerial spiral with plane:
Weight spiral: 33 kg
We put the aerial spiral in a cardboard box on the plane.
Weight box: 35 kg
Dimensions of the box: 130cm x 130cm x 325cm
Weight aerial spiral + box: 68 kg

Information about our construction:

Three people are required to set up the construction.

The set up takes about 30 to 40 minutes.
The construction is perfect for performances on flypole and aerial spiral

We need a perimeter of 7.3×7.3m for the construction.
The height is 5.6m.

The construction contains 16 barrs of 2m and 1.67m.